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Common Name: Butternut
Latin Name: Juglans Cinerea
Characteristics of the Tree: This relatively small tree can reach a height of about 15m (50ft) and can have a trunk diameter of about 750mm (2ft 6in.) The Butternut blight has killed most of the trees in the forest limiting lumber volume for commercial use.
Characteristics of the Wood: The straight-grained, course textured wood is relatively soft and weak, and is not durable. The figure resembles that of black American Walnut (Juglans Nigra), but the heartwood, from medium to dark brown is lighter in color.
Common Uses: Joinery, cabinetry, furniture, carving, boxes, and high-grade decorative plywood.
Workability: With sharp cutting edges, it can be worked reasonably well with hand tools and well with machine tools; it glues well.
Finishing: It accepts stains well and can be polished to a fine finish.
Average Dry Weight: 450g/m3 (28lb/ft3)
Source Information: “Collins Good Wood Guide”, Harper/Collins Publishers