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From early settlement through today, Walnut has been the premier Midwestern hardwood.  Typically the most valuable tree in a woods, Walnut’s rich brown heartwood and pleasing grain pattern is not only desired in the United States, but around the world.  This is particularly true in countries that demand excellence like Japan and Germany.

Walnut is used in many high-end products.  The highest quality logs are used to produce veneer.  Veneer making is the process in which a log is shaved into thin sheets and applied over more mundane surfaces.  The lumber from regular logs are manufactured into products such as high quality furniture, flooring, and gunstocks.  Walnut’s white sapwood has little initial market value but Pike Lumber Company implements a process known as “steaming” that darkens the sapwood creating a uniform finish.

Walnut has a large geographical range across most of the eastern United States but a narrow range of suitable soils where it grows well.  Walnut prefers deep, rich, moist but well drained soils, and often is found by streams.  Some of the world’s best Walnut growing soils are found in Indiana and the surrounding states.  Located in the center of prime Walnut country, Pike Lumber Company, has over a century of experience in dealing with this valuable resource and is a major player in the world’s Walnut market. Let us assist you in managing the Walnut in your woods.