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Responsible Forest Management

A forest is a dynamic, ever changing ecosystem. With proper forest management, Pike Lumber Company can improve forest quality while offering the landowner opportunities for long-term income generation, recreation and improved wildlife habitat.

At Pike Lumber Company we like to work with the landowner to develop a management plan, which focuses on the goals of the landowner and their vision for the future of their forest. We want to provide a long-term source of income for the land owner. A timber harvest is not a “once in a lifetime” event. We believe with proper management, small timber harvests can occur on a regular basis.

To improve the overall health of the forest, our professional foresters will identify dying, damaged and diseased trees, and trees that have reached peak maturity and mark them for harvest. Topics like watershed quality, wildlife habitat and future harvests are all taken into account. This will improve the overall health of the forest. By removing over mature trees, openings in the forest canopy are created allowing sunlight to reach the forest floor, sunlight that new seedlings will use to thrive and prosper.

Finally, at Pike Lumber Company, it is our belief that forestland should be managed in a sustainable manner. The forest is a valuable natural resource. We should use it in a responsible manner that allows us to take a few trees today and leave many for future generations to come.