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Quality, Service, & Forest Stewardship for Over 100 years!

Who We Are

Pike Lumber Company is Indiana’s leader in forest management. More than 100 years of experience has given us a passion for sustainable use of our forest resource. With more than 20 college trained foresters, we employ more professional foresters than any other private company in Indiana. Our Procurement Foresters serve Indiana, Eastern Illinois, Southern Michigan and Western Ohio from our Indiana offices in Akron, Auburn, Carbon, and Milan. Winner of the NHLA National Forest Stewardship Award, Pike Lumber Company and our foresters live and breathe forest stewardship, quality, and courteous service.

What We Do

Pike Lumber Company’s Timber department provides a full line of forestry services for the private forest land owner. Our professionally trained foresters can create and implement a comprehensive forest management plan specifically designed for your forest and your personal objectives for your forest. We can mark timber for harvest and determine what kind of Timber Stand Improvement measure should be implemented. Our logging crews can harvest the timber in a safe manner using “Best Management Practices” (BMPs) designed to protect water quality of forest streams. Finally, we provide ready markets for your timber. One call is all it takes for all your forest management needs.


Contact Michigan DNR for public hunting opportunities on certain Pike Forests in the State of Michigan. Hunting is NOT ALLOWED on other Pike Forests. Inquiries will not be answered.

Use Commercial Forest Lands With Respect

Although the general public has a right to fish and hunt on Commercial Forest lands, the property is privately owned and subject to normal private property rights.

A person engaging in an activity not allowed by a property owner may be criminally or civilly liable, or both. The right to fish and hunt on the land does not extend to associated activities such as, but not limited to, the following:
• Littering.
• Camping.
• Cutting shooting lanes, or cutting or destroying brush, trees, or other plants for any purpose.
• Using nails, bolts, wire, tree steps or other material or activities which harm, lessen or destroy the value of trees, or create a potentially hazardous wood-harvesting condition.
• Temporarily or permanently abandoning of property, including tree stands or other hunting apparatus.
• Constructing blinds or constructing or placing other structures, except for gathering dead materials found on the ground.
• Target shooting or sighting-in firearms.
• Using ORVs or other vehicles on private property. If vehicles are allowed by the property owner, care should be taken to avoid blocking access to roads or parking areas.
Call 517-284-6000 or email DNR-Lawenforcement@michigan.gov
To report a natural resource violation, call or text 800-292-7800