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Grey Elm

Common Name: Grey Elm, American Elm
Latin Name: Ulmus Americana
Characteristics of the Tree: This medium to large tree usually reaches a height of 27m (90ft) with a trunk 500mm (1ft 8in) in diameter, but good growing conditions can produce larger trees.
Characteristics of the Wood: The course textured wood is strong, tougher than the European elms and is good for steam bending. The grain is usually straight but can be interlocking. The heartwood is a pale reddish-brown color.
Common Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, cooperage, joinery and veneer.
Workability: Sharp cutting tool will make working with this species managable. It glues satisfactorily.
Finishing: It accepts stain well but can be difficult to finish.
Average Dry Weight: 580kg/m3 (36lb/ft3)
Source Information: “Collins Good Wood Guide”, Harper/Collins Publishers