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White Oak, Rift & Quarter Sawn

Common Name: White Oak
Latin Name: Quercus Alba, Quercus Macrocarpa, Quercus Muehlenbergii
Characteristics of the Tree: It can reach a height of 30m (100ft) and a diameter of about 1m (3ft 3in) in good growing conditions.
Characteristics of the Wood: The straight-grained wood varies in color from pale yellow-brown to pale brown.The texture is medium-course to course depending on the growing conditions. Cutting technique allows rays to be exposed “flecks” on quartered surface of boards. Rift is straight grained with minimal flecks. The wood has good steam bending qualities.
Common Uses: Furniture, cabinetry, millwork, flooring, and decorative veneer.
Finishing: It accepts stain well and can be polished to a fine finish.
Average Dry Weight: 770kg/m3 (48lb/ft3)
Source Information: “Collins Good Wood Guide”, Harper/Collins Publishers